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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Madras- (specatator) sports capital?

So another international game..and so another blog..
Thanks to Mahesh, I went to the Chennai open tennis(yeah an international ATP tournament!)
saw the doubles and singles semis..another nice court, neat construction, well maintained and finally great crowd. The stadium was very full and a nice sight for sports lovers like me.
As is required in tennis, silence was maintained at the request of the "chair"(its somewhere between the highly disciplined wimbledon and the unruly NYers who require 3-5 'quite please')
The crowd conducted themselves very well and also were very appreciative of good play.
What do u think the IT world has done to such tournaments? During the doubles game of the Indian pair Vs the German pair, there were some youngsters shouting "come on Deutscheland, alles gute" and "gute spiel" some folks back after a short/long term project in DE and back here shouting german cheers..hmmm..
I stuck to the Indians (bopanna and amirtraj) and they won in a very close match afetr saving 4 match points..

That brings us to the title..doesnt chennai look like the capital of all spectator sports in India..I told you about the hockey tornamnent here some days back and this tennis the well known crowd for cricket..something to pat ur back ain't chennai??


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