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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stolen Wealth games..still..

yeah I am calling the common wealth games the stolen wealth games..The only thing I find common in these participating countries is that their wealth was stolen by the brits and here we all happily participate in a games that is the definition of misnomer! so much for the name and games..
but, still..I like the way India is performing there! for once we can see our name in the top was in the 2 place 1st two day..i have the cut out from that days u?
come to think of it - we have ben let down (again) by hockey, the big names like rathore,anju,et al. but have managed a decent heap..
did u notice one thing? I find it strange that this Jung fella, if he were to be taken a separate state, he will feature in the top 10! may be 5th..with his indiv haul of 5 golds and 1 silver..and by the way shooting has 12 out of 16 golds..
all said and done feels good.. so this mention..

BTW what ever happened to that vajpayee's govt's idea of handing over to our defence/military to tick out some specific fields and train some people after proper identification and letting them handle the olympics gold thirst that we have been dying off for so many eons?? I for one liked that idea..reason enof to dump it, eh?

Update: just after I blogged this, Rathore wins a gold..


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