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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

@ ur service II

so here I am..another weekend, another hill top..
yeah! am still on that mission of finding out good places some 1k+ metres above for your sakes;-)
so the last weekend was in yercaud..just about qualifies on the height factor..a small sleepy hill top town (town -if u can really call it so)..only good thing about this place is that this is absolutely industrialisation or commercialisation..still no big deal on the clima..may be winters will be cold..yeah, its tongue in the cheek remark..for the evenings and nights were pleasant and the days were hot..come to think of it in real summer in a couple of ur enemies there in May:-)
I last went to this place in 80s during our 2nd year of college ed and found it real boring the 1st day and the next 2 days went by in a whiff bcos we befriended some juniors (girls u may ask, yes i wud say and good looking u may ask, but i wud not divulge that, atleast not now) and so had some good memories of the place..
from then to now, in close to 2 decades, not much has changed..except probably the sterling property right on the 'ladies seat' - a high view point!
Even then there was hardly anything to do as not many places of visit like in ooty or kodai..
This time too, but since I went with a group of telecom punters of karnataka (old time sakes, i was forced to join them)- so we decided easily not to venture in the heat and so decided to chill out in the room with the boring test match to view..But if some one asks me how long can u continously laugh in a day.. I dunno is the answer..bcos I did not keep a tab on that, but virtually spent the whole day laughing hearing to each one's stories of customer interactions, dealer dealings, funny employees,(in)famous anecdotes and what not..hey, good fun that!!
so the moral:if u r pushed to yercaud, go with a group where u can be self sufficient for time pass..or even better skip it..may be u can watch paint drying back home..or winter olympics;-)


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