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Monday, March 13, 2006


What a match it was, the AUS-SA one! Though I was unlucky not to watch it live, I caught up with the the whole match needs to be retelecasted for a highlights..It took some 23xx ODIs to touch 400+ and ofcourse oz were the ones to accomplish that as expected and in style..but SA really did an incredible thing by chasing that mountain with 1 ball to! What an innings!! This shall be THE match of the ODI history..but watch out for this guy Hussey..he is going to be the man of 07 world cup..unbelievable hitting..if Dhoni can continue his dream run he can be a far second to him in 07 WC..

Elsewhere I was hoping Lara wud smash a 100 and help WI win..hmm…these guys are really playing pathetic..from 148 for no loss to lose like this on an easy chase..(when)will they turn arnd?

And India what?? We shud have thrashed the poms 3-0..but that’s lost happy that sehwag hit some quick ones else we wud have typically made a ‘match’ of it! Hey, what happened to tendul? It’s an area of worry, esp with the gangs issue hanging on the head of team management! One thing that wud go unnoticed now since we won is the good old habit of letting the tail here harmison really put a good 9th wkt stand..may be giving ideas of a oz-proteas like incredible turn arounds..but they lived to their form!


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