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Thursday, March 16, 2006

to lighten up..

Have been scribbling something or the other so often..and am sure some of u wud have been bored by one or the some question me about regulars on cricket..
my question to such people: hey..have you not appeared in "board exams" like me when u were young?? the same rule is followed! Dont wait to check out what is wanted (or asked for) just scribble what u know/like/can;-)

So just thought once a while lemme lighten up things by writing some humorous incidents that happened around me..and so many times it will be tryong..tryooong...tryoong...yeah, flashback..

* There used to be one hefty guy in our circle who did have a bike during the college days..and as he was going near high court(paris area) and took that turn in to the main road, he was stopped by the police. This guy commandingly asks the police whats the matter in chaste tamil..
he: enna matter? (whats up?)
cop: Do you have the papers? what u r zooming past?
he: naan yaaru theriyumila?? (do u know who Iam??)
cop: yaaru? (who?)
he: naan yaaru theriyumila?? (do u know who Iam??)- this time a bit louder..
the cop is a bit cooly asks him who he is..
he: naan yaaru theriyumila?? (do u know who Iam??)- this time a bit more louder..the cop is really zapped and says "poithola"..meaning 'go, get lost'..and he moves a bit..
meanwhile one puny guy, an early 'catch' of the cop around was waiting all along while this fatso was udharuttufying (yapping)..and that puny chap screams to our fatso - "sir, enakkum konjam sollunga.." and believe me..our fatso really beat all our imagination..
He just looked back and saw the cop and told "naan yaaru theriyumila" and to which the cop to our surprise begged to him: " sir..athuthaan ungala uttuten ila..ponga sir..(i have left u know, pl leave) and with another
naan yaaru theriyumila?? (do u know who Iam??) our chap 'released' the puny guy too..all this without really revealing 'who he was';-)

** Once few guys were trying out small rides on a new bike b(r)ought by a famous friend (-this (r)is bcos we never knew which was true)..the place we were trying was typically an approach road in to a main road and to reach back the same spot one had to take an illegal 'U' a second guy tried, a cop suddenly surfaces and stops him and asks him to follow..we were just a few yards and did not know how to react..and this owner of the bike marches cooly to the cop and says "give me my bike" and starts pushing it away and the cop asks "what are u doing? dont u know this fella took an illegal U turn".. to which this guys gives back a stunning reply -"ivan thaana thirpuinan..avana kooptitu poonga..ennoda bikea enkitta udunga" ( its he who took the wrong turn, take him, leave my bike..)

*** once during TIES(Tamilnadu Inter engg sports- oof what a name for a sports event) our band wagon of guys land in to the ground with all new striking attires (new jerseys, new but duplicate adidas boots, et al - courtesy, our college union leader who was a master in throwing googlies to the management and getting things) and just show off from some 30 mins before the start of our football match. So we were the talk of the whole area with many college guys coming and enviously enquiring about our attires and how we made our college mngmnt pay and more anxious questions..and the match starts..the first match is against RECT..whoops..they whack the sh*t out of us a matter 20 minutes they sorugify 6 goals..and by this time our famed goalie cries " machi naan varala..if any of u shout at me Iam leaving right now." then we convinced him to stay put till the half time and by then our famous, above said leader, bargains a walkover- for the opponent that is and relieves us of more embarrassment..hey will that bloody goalie raise his hands now in the comments space?


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