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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Long since this topic was touched here..simply bcos it has not been worthy enof..
here i dont mean to demean the entertainment value that has been offered by all and sundry esp here in TN..
for eg. y'day when MK was asked about saratkumar's exit from his party and his party's lack of contribution to nadars..his reply was a gem: Please see the number of kamaraj statues that we have installed during our regime!
oh!!! see the contribution..and the shameless pronouncement of it..
forget that kamaraj was beyond all these and least of all his caste..or this sarat quit bcos of lack of contri to nadars..
Its all happening here – like Ravi shastri wud always say (rather the only thing he wud keep saying)

But looks like its JJ all the way..though the scared and shivering oldie MK is trying to match her goodies distributed with his peromises of free color TVs, free lands and what not..only not many believing him.. Then we have Vijaykanth who is commanding a good 10 to 25% at many places (as per op polls) guess is he will win the deposit in many constituencies, which itself is a great deed (which u cannot assure for BJP or cong in TN!) He is indeed getting lotsa crowd at most places..

Its essentially a choice between devil and demon, murderer and killer, fryingpan and fire or even worse jj or mk..

But wait!! There is the Lokparitran (the party founded by ex IItians )who are standing at 8 places. So for all those who always used to remark – ‘educated shud come forward and participate’ here we have these guys..who more than these guys can be better to qualify the ‘educated’ criteria..

LADIES AND GMEN..PL ASK ALL UR FRIENDS, RELATIVES OR WHO EVER TO VOTE THESE GUYS IF THEY ARE CONTESTING IN THEIR CONSTITUENCY. Just Help them win their deposit, encourage them to repeat and also encourage more people to come out and vote them. May be next time all these tea shop experts cant tell us “ ask the educated to come and clean”..atleast we can assure that some tried..

Note: Please go ahead and give ur valued advises/suggestions in the comments column. I assure to pass (all valid ones) it to them. ofcourse commennts on others mentioned in this post is very much welcome.


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