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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Request to all (esp bloggers)

I had written about the general scenario in TN and esp about lokparitran too in my previous post. With Elections just a few days away, it dawned on me - why not try do something for these new guys - "educated" ones.So please read this below and try to pass on to as many in ur know to advise their friends/kith/kin in the said 8 constituencies in Madras, to vote for these enterprising guys. Not only the bloggers but all U who happen to read this please pass and try making a dent in our system.

I am sure we all would have at one time or the other professed some heavy fundas to ‘improve’ our nation. We would have surely had heated arguments about how and why things go wrong here..many of us wud have been silent spectators to the system being abused/misused..
And many a times we wud have said “some educated guys shud have the courage and strength to come to politics and cleanse..”
So here are some educated well minded folks who have started a party with some conscience. Please see for their vision, philosophy and the people involved. Though it has come to be known as “The IITians party” its formed by a group of like minded “educated” people.

Now in this coming TN elections they have fielded candidates in following 8 constituencies in Madras.
Santhanagopalan – Mylapore
Elanthirumaran – Chepauk
Ishrayel Mahesh – Thousand lights
Prashanth Sharma – Egmore
Arvind Tiruvaiyar - T.Nagar
Rajamani – Annanagar
Hariharan – saidapet
Rabindra Ganesh – Park

There are already sms and fwd emails going on..
But my request to you all, esp fellow bloggers (with heavy readerships) to spread the word around and request the people in their (and your) know in these constituencies to vote for them. Lets for once try some “educated” politicians..for a change..

Let us be a part of some awakening and let us do more than just yapping suggestions for a change. Here some guys have come out. Lets come out and extend all possible support in the best ways we can.

Note: I have sent this as a mail to some big time bloggers requesting them to act on it too..Hope they help create a dent!

UPDATE: Thanks to Rajeev sreenivasan who has given this some publicity by flashing in his blog.
My fav Thennavan also joins the band wagon in helping spread this. thanks Mukund!


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