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Thursday, May 11, 2006

So its decided..kudos LP..

Its DMK+ and for the 1st time in TN politrix heading for a coalition..the perennial optimism in me says that cud be the first step towards the end of the Dravidian parties..I still think JJ gave it away when she started getting jittery for the freebies of MK and so gave his manifesto/freebies credibility.
DMDK – of vijaykanth's has had a good run. Ya only he won but he has scored 10k to 35k in all a good beginning..infact his candidates have screwed up the party for many of the potential winners in many 10% allover TN is not a joke and for sure he is to stay..
About ADMK – it will take a long time to get their reaction. The media were seen running everywhere and one group stationed outside ammas house the whole day, no avail. The dravidian parties never learnt to be graceful in their defeats..

And back home it was all not without so much fun the morning as soon as the counting started (unlike those days within an hour u get the complete trend these days with EVMs) the 2 TVs – sun and Jaya freaked out in the numbers.each showed a crazily high number in their favour and opposite for the other. Then we had to tune to NDTV or IBN to get the clear picture..and till noon this game continued in Jaya and slowly they turned the scaled around towards the evening..Tamaasu – TN politix always..

Finally my fav LP : HEY THEY DID A FANTASTIC JOB! Yes..Iam happy…as I told u before (ok ok many times) its just a start and they have done very well here..They have managed the deposit in some places and are generally in the top 4! Great achievement I wud say and they just have to march ahead and may be with some confidence behind.
If u doubt see below:
Rajamany K / 11665 / 5.38 (name / votes polled / %)
Santhanagopalam / 9436 / 6.4
Arvind / 6323 / 4.14
Ishrael Mahesh / 2459 / 2.23
Prema. K / 6473 / 1.06
Elanthirumaran / 669 / 1.0
Vanchinarayanan P / 300 / 0.29

Rajamany in Annanagar (winner - Arcot Veerasami )came 3rd beating DMDK, BJPs old hand Dr.Hande
Santhanagoplan in Mylapore ( winner - S.V.Sekar ) came 3rd in mylapore beating famous chandralekha, America narayanan, et al
Arvind was 4th at T.Nagar (winner kalairajan of ADMK) just missed the deposit.
Elanthirumaran was pitted against MK and came 5th.

So some hope folks..IMHO this is a commendable show..Thanks to all those who lent an ear to me and to the kind bloggers who spread this like Rajeev and Mukund. Guys so it works. All those SMSes, mail fwds, bloggers punches and all the unbeatable word of mouth.
I sincerely wish LP all success in the future.


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