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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pramod Mahajan

Its sad that Mahajan was shot at and by his own bro. hmm..I WISH HIM ALL LUCK AND STRENGTH TO GET BACK FIT. He doesn't deserve this.
Whats the use being a very impressive and talented character with good sense of humour, quick wit and ability to win friends at will, cutting across parties? And while just about every body was being impressed or influenced by him there was someone just in the inner most circle sitting and hating him all along..phew..sometimes life isn’t fair, ain’t?
ASIDE 1: One thing that I cud not figure out was the way police were parading that bro of his who shot at pramod. His face was all covered with a black cloth while he was taken in to custody and most newspapers carried that photo(w/o a face!)..hey..these guys parade a rape victim in all light and glow and here a murderer (well..almost) was covered..
Che..the system needs cleansing..prolly one of the first the Lokparitran guys shud take up..
ASIDE 2: If u r wondering why this post so late - This one was written by me couple of days back but got lost due to some tech error ( or my DSL or my PC ). What ever, but keep one thing in mind, here u just cant get away without reading any crap that I decide to blog or (as in this case) blogged..such convenience blogs r, aren’t they?


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