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Monday, May 08, 2006

Did it!

So I did it! Operated this electronic machine for the first time!
I did not read a manual, did not refer any doc, did not get any tips but operated it on my own..I had I did it..Iam one in 4.3 crores!!
Yeah this voting machine..The previous times I voted I had to chappa kuthify..last time I cud have but “some one special” decided the last 25 houses in my area were not fit to vote! Just bcos they did not have that last page of the doc they shud have had they decided we cant..
But this time I ensured I had my foto voter identity (though not even my mom can identify me from that) still I voted. So I did my duty, now I can sit back watching my matches/serials/movies and expect things to be the same or worse in the next 5 years..hey, good fun that, eh?
U wud not dare to ask me whom I voted..if u still ask me, I wud redirect (or link) u to my earlier posts and get some more “hits” ;-)

Sundry 1: As I voted and started coming out of the booth I saw my pop being ‘questioned’ by a cop and seeing that a couple more walked in to ‘check out’ what it is! Hey but it turned out to be a proof of ‘small world’..yeah that cop identified my pop and called my pop by his name..he happened to be the neighbour of my pop in that miniscule village my pop was born brought up..small world, eh?

Sundry 2: I seriously think the elections in India (and esp TN) shud be rated among the 8 if not 7 wonders of the world..come to think of such a huge exercise without many untoward 2 lathi wielding police manning that booth..phew..TN is really a peaceland..

Sundry 3: oof..these TV guys..cant some one stop them?? Esp these 24 hour news channels run short of stuff so badly that they cling on to any shit and screw our happiness ( x 24 hours that is)..the latest is this Buddhia it is the human rights and lefts make such issue of this run.whats laughable is they are making all this noise after the run, where in if they were serious about all this they shud have acted and stopped the run..but we are talking of the human right n left where is the logic coming here??

Sundry 4: while I am on a bad mood on the media in general and esp on TVs..I wish all this opinion polls (do u also think polls is a word not to be there?) and exit polls really crash and enof eggs are splashed on their I wish a la2001 happens..


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