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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Out of the many SMSes that were floating arnd during the election..i liked this one (ok, apart from the serious ones on LP)
It is addressed to ‘the’ woman by a man..May 8thkku apuram naam yaarum velai seyya vendam. Yenna Amma kudukara ilavasa arisi vaangi Mk thara 2 acre landla ilavasa gas aduppu vaichu kanji kaatchi kudichittu free cable connectionoda ilavasama kodullum color Tvla Vijaykanth, sarathkumar,simran padam paathu pozhaichikalam.orey thamaasu thaan.
(trans: There’s no need for any of us to work after may 8th, bcos we can pick up the free rice of JJ cook gruel on MK’s free gas stove in the 2 acre free land given by DMK and settle happily watching the movies of vijaykanth,sarath, simran thru the free cable network on the free color TV. – ridiculing the free mania of the TN politicos)
One more crisp & funny one was "Elect Vijaykanth! Save Tamil Cinema!"


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