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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

small moves..set the ball rolling..

yeah, Its LP again..(let's)pl do ur best..
Few of my friends have questioned the usefulness and practicality of lokparitran!

Firstly I don't think their idea wud be to rule the state. I guess they are only testing the water. My op is, we know all the other parties, all these big fishes who drink our blood like why not just try the new guys..

Trying vijaykanth (for a new entrant)can be better, for he has realistic chances than LP..I accept.But my gut feeling is he can only be another xMK!

But we are just talking of a few constituencies. Take Mylapore for eg. We have S.V.Sekar and Napolean – cine figures and absolutely no other credentials. SVSekar can get some sympathy votes bcos he has no back bone! His guru was arrested by his leader and he shut his gob. Some body who did not react for an atrocity on his guru will not bat an eyelid for a suffering u or me..or about his constituency..he is just going to take care of his rear end! Napolean the other candidate - less said better..

In such a scenario lets vote and encourage these new chappies. Let the bigger fight be what it is and so let the bigger electorate decide on one of the evils..let us lesser mortals play this smaller game with not much to lose..

Just bcos they are well educated or some of them are IITians or some are foreign returned does not mean they will work wonders. But they seem genuine. For sure none of us have heard any wrong news about them or their involvement in any wrong doing.. Amidst so many of us who talk so many things and crack ideas to 'improve' India at the drop of a hat but stay away from even a basic duty like casting our vote, here we have a set of guys who have shunned their careers (lucrative Iam sure) and taking a plunge in to this dirty political stream.. Dont u think it takes courage to quit a fat package and plunge in to politics? Dont u think it needs committment esp social committement to give up fat purses and pursue this?

Just winning their deposits can be positive statement. When most of us thought this system can never be changed, politics will always be a nonsense pool and so on, here these guys took a daring positive step.

I just happen to appreciate that gesture and wish some of us and more of us in our know caste (or waste as some of u may call) votes in their favour.

Since its just a few constituencies we are talking of this will not even hit the balance in the real scenario (bigger fight of xDMKs)..

Pl don't quote laloos and subramanya swamys as examples for educated. Have a heart. Don't insult these LP guys so loosely n easily.

do we let our cynicism cloud our logic and faint hope? after all hope is a good thing (remember Shawshanks Redemption?)

Finally lets just make small moves..lets help them win their deposit back and set the ball rolling..


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