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Saturday, May 06, 2006

hope..though a bit far..

Yes..its LP once again..yeah just before the elections here day after..
all u guys, pl go ahead - press all the people in ur know and ofcourse ur parents/kith/kin to go and vote for AXE..for LP..for sure..

There was a meeting of LokParitranites yesterday at Maangollai, Mylapore.
It was slated for 6PM. I was there 10 mins before and saw quite a few enthusiastic youngsters with LP T shirts moving around in great zeal and distributing pamphlets. More heartening was to see good no. of young ladies too. That’s a nice sign – a good participation for a right cause from the other gender too!
A few minutes past 6 the meeting started. There was a decent crowd – my guesstimate is arnd 500..of which 80% were young. (ok..a 20% wud be partitranites themselves which is ok). It was nice to see some old people too to be sitting on the neatly arranged chairs and waiting and participating in the meeting.
I overheard an autowala saying – such guys shud come out and do good sir..its nice to see and the other guy responding “ ennada etho vande mataram, thamiza thamiza naalai namnadey, jana gana ellam paduthennu vanthu paathen..” (trans: I came here hearing patriotic songs and am impressed)..The Mylapore candidate – Santhanagoplan was casually interacting with people (incl the above said auto driver) and moving arnd freely with a perpetual smile. Nice to see such a pleasant candidate ( that not a first negative in todays politics;-))
Then all the 'Lions' paraded to the stage and started talking one after another. All youngsters spoke well but nothing extraordinary to attract more crowd. (no, my intention is not to criticize them. Hey..after all they came out and spoke!) I liked the lady (Amudha?) who spoke second with a good flow of tamil and sounding like a seasoned politico (though she was offering her speech from prepared text) and it was good to note she pronounced Tamizh like tamizh with all the Zhas (ழ) and LLas (ள) coming out well.(another outstanding feature eh?)
I was also impressed with the good reception and heavy applause that the National pres - Tanmay got from the crowd.
I wud have liked reiterating the fact that sum of the salary package of the people on the stage is a huge amount and that these people have chosen to forego that fat package for the country/community/society. But, hey, that’s the fact. These guys have kicked their lucrative jobs, kush life, safe cosy houses and are toiling on the streets for a cause. (and here we had someone in this blog – ofcourse an anonymous pulling a fast one asking if they were on a 3 month hols. So LP knows what they have in stock!)
Most of them sounded very confident! Yeah, I know the intention in participating in any challenge is to win and of course confidence is a good thing. But over confi??
Most of them spoke of clean governance, no corruption, serving the constituency to the best, no freebies etc..
But did they all know that this is just their first step and irrespective of the result they need to march ahead and quite lots to be done in the near future..
All in all a nice experience and a slight emergence of light (read hope) at a distance..


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