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Saturday, May 13, 2006

some thoughts..

I though we shall not have politrix, elections for some time to come..but no, we shall not be spared of that..bcos our MSM will not be covering these..

While our MSM is full of eulogy for sonia's achievement..see some forgotten stats..the total votes polled has actually come down from last time by some 4%, which means voter apathy. Compare that to Mr.N.Rangasamy of pondicherry (another cong person)..he has got 90% of the votes polled. U wanna know whats the % of votes polled in his constituency? only 90% gmen! startling stats ,eh? that talks of voter involvement and a statement of satisfactory performance. Thats not all, he is that rare breed like the Kamarajs jps and bhaves..a simple and straightforward person to the core..during his last regime as the CM of pondy he wud wake up, perform the morning chores for his aged mother and then take his bike and go to his 'regular tea shop for years'and have his tea and read the newspaper "free" there itself (sparing himself anf govt the newpaper cost;-) and he moves around the city only on his bike and uses the givt car only when he goes to the CM office and on a few occassions. He still lives in the same rural area he was brought up and he has been a performer too. Unfortunately our media does not make enof noise of such guys..
and inspite of being such a great personality managed to win in these some hopes,eh?

Vijaykanth's victory at Virudachalam shud be rated as the best performance in the whole state. Mind u that is PMK/vanniyars fort and Ramadoss and his son did not leave any stone unturned. They took it as a personal challenge and covered every house in this constituency and also deliberately fielded 2 other independents in the name of Vijaykanth. ADMK for its satisfaction fielded one vijakanth as independent on its behalf. So V'chalam had 4 vijaykanths on the candidate list to confuse the folks in that rural constituency. Add to that he was awarded the symbol only 2 weeks before the election. I admire his resolve and strength..and if he continues he has a future for sure..

elsewhere in TN JJ decides not to attend the assembly..a golden tradition followed by the 2 dravidians that they shall attend to the house activities only if they are on the 'chair' much for all their talks of breathing for ur sakes folks and dying to serve u..when will end this shameless display by the two dravidian parties? hmm...

Now to another very interesting thing I noticed. hey, I need to patent u guys stop people from sounding it off as their own idea till then;-)
I just scratched my memory for the names of all the CMs of TN till date..of all those I knew I found a great similarity. They all had this 2 in 1 type of names. i.e their names cud be split like jaya+lalitha, karuna+nidhi, anna+durai, rama+chandran, bhaktha+vatchalam, kaman+rajan,rama+samy, Raja+goplachari..oops almost all after independence fall in this category. So what u cry? think of stalin..he hee..he loses..doesn't he? and do u also see that Daya+nidhi qualifies? ohooo..i see some nice days ahead..(meanwhile did u watch that stalin was rarely on sun tv during the campaigns? also was never there during the 1st press conference of MK after the election victory! and u do know who was prominently there!!)


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