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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Indrakumar and Mangalam..

As mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, some very interesting people I met and their immense contribution is here:
Indrakumar! A man who has converted his house in to a fine exhibition for ‘zero waste home’. A great concept that can help the society enormously and can help this deteriorating world extend by a few more years. I sincerely feel his house shud rather become an important tourist attraction just to educate and reform our waste management. Mr.Nirmal rightly calls Indrakumar’s house “Indralokam”. How many plants, what variety and how useful. Then his unique ways of utilizing all wastes in very effective manner and setting up a very eco-friendly house. I wish this spreads and more houses comes up following this way and we wud have reduced the unmindful/mindless throwing of wastes. Esp in arrears like pammal where there is no underground or organised sewage! A very interesting way of filtering the rainwater thru his medicinal herbs and routing them to his well has resulted in a superb taste for his well water. One can taste the herbal confluence in that water. That zero waste home set up is an eye opener and a must_see and to-follow thing.

Then comes Mrs. Mangalam’s(MB) community waste management! If Indrakumar freaks out in the home area, MB does the even more tougher community level waste management and in an excellent way. The whole Pammal area (all of 21 wards) have zero waste as on date. The collection from each house is done by them (separate bags for organic/decomposing ones and the others). The organic waste is used to manufacture organic fertilizer (she is not able to meet that demand!) and the rest are segregated and disposed by sale. Yes paper, diff grades of plastics, alu, glass etc all get them income to run this whole set up. In effect zero waste from the whole community, what more, benefiting them by getting wealth from all this wasted wastes of (y)our area! MB has also revived a lake and made it in to a big source of water and a nice green place/park to walk around. No waste dumping there but its more a determiner of the local water table and a peaceful neat place to walk.
Just a sample- 2 who impressed me most in last months..more shall follow later..Gives me hope that some correction is being made for all our goofing up with mother nature.


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