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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

secondary infection

heard of it?? so we learnt it by 1st hand experience (how true! experience is the biggest teacher!)..
suddenly one night my wify develops severe knee pain and i (asusual) chide her for getting hurt..she vouches she never got hurt/injured anywhere in recent past..(actually i ignore that) then the next morn her right knee was the size of a football! though shocked I motivate her by narrating kapil's story of taking 8 for 50something with a football sized knee ..its another matter it was double whammy for her- my irritating consolations and cricket again grt grt.. obviously since the knee was swollen we went to an ortho..and he, even before seeing her (while she was in the xray room), tells me after i tell him she did not get hurt or so she says - "it cud be a secondary infection. sometimes due to an original infection like throat or urinary infection such sec infections happen".. so again i smile at him thinking within "what gas? so i need to take a 2nd opinion soon"..with 3rd op we are convinced it is indeed sec infection..and the orig infection was a stomach infection that spread to her knees..then it worsened and hence we had to inject anti biotics thru IV and all is fine now..
iam saying all this now so late just to share such new things are around..until we hit on them in 1st hand we hardly know of such new nonsenses..thanks for all our screw up, nature hits back with stronger viruses/bacterias..remember teh mosquito and ddt screw up? so generally consult early, ofcourse some dependable and known our case we had a gr8 doc (thats for another time) but the orig infection was a stomach infection (symptom loose motions for 4-5 days which we ignored!)

update: btw Newzealand bowler gillespie has such a sec infection of an orig virus attack has hit his shoulder due to which he shall not be in the early that is prevalent across!


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