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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lessons are there..

If we decide to keep our eyes and ears open and are ready to pick them, u know..
For me every travel has lots! more interesting ones are got in the suburban trains in madras (the famous electric trains between tambaram and beach!)..
U get to watch so many events, eavesdrop on so many conversations, so many gossips, and u can freely join any of these discussions too, as any one might join yours, if any.
Normally I add some more spice by giving a piece of my mind to some crazily or irritatingly behaving chap..for eg. if some one keeps their shoe/slipper clad leg on the opposite seat he had it..or if someone throws the peels (groundnut or fruits) inside or spits..ok, I cant show them a bin to throw, so what? I cant show them a toilet too..if u don’t shit there, bloody well don’t do the above..mind u, a general ‘ahem’ and any high raised voice instruction is met with a fear and obeyed too..till now I have’nt tried anything more than I digressed so much..back to the lesson!
Last night when I was going in a packed train a guy (only profile visible for me) is in a awkward angle(head tilted and up and the angle of the hands too a bit odd) usual my antennae are up..then I spot a small plastic cover, oh the good old water sachet..(grt grt..i hate water distributed in plastic- these days.hmm)..esp these small ones which are thrown all over my interest level is up to check what he does..he sort of presses from the top edge in a different manner and squeezes till the last drop in..all this in the silhouette/sideview,still..then an action like he is ironing (how u wud press ur cloth)with his hands and folds it in to 2, then 4 and moves his hand, for the plastic is no more visible, along his am getting ready..if he throws that piece and esp on my foot (he has no other place in that packed train), he had it..
And he just shoves that thingy in to his pant pocket in a jiffy and wipes his mouth in a ‘different’ manner and now turns a bit and approaches his bag hanging in his other hand. There I see the folded blind man’s stick and obviously get to see him in full.
Oh, my!! I curse myself for having suspected him and so the marks I gave him when I saw him shove the waste plastic in to his pocket is multiplied n times..
What a lesson for all of us, who indiscriminately throw anything anywhere and esp plastic..and here a man who cannot even see the mess we create around ourselves and to ‘his world’ is casually doing us all so much good..
Lesson worth learning right?
Next time- keep ur eyes and ears open!
- don’t throw plastic indiscriminately


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