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Thursday, September 27, 2007

2020 – success and excess

Hmm..its all happening there! Even Joginder singh smiled twice in 2 successive days! Phew!
and we won it..a world cup final..a world cup for which there was no interest for our BCCI nor us general junta (atleast in the initial stages)..and what a win..
to add a cliché here: nothing succeeds like success..and so the viewership (and so the advts), interest and the following tremendously increased!
from the south Africa match on, our guys turned the close ones in our favour, which normally wud have been the other a norm, esp at bigger stages, we wud be losing matches we shud have won..
the power of youth, eh? Worth all the fun, this win..special mention needs to be spelled about Dhoni..kept his cool all along in all matches, rotated well, field placings were good..looks fine..more assessment after 1st 3 ODIs against aus..looks a good long term prospect though!

Once back we will have the 3 stalwarts back and come to think of it- where will the new captain hide them in the field?? And what will happen to guys like gambhir, Rohit, joginder who performed well?
Ok, lets spare all these ponderings now and join the was fun to win and esp against Pak..(oh, what was that about thanking all muslims in the world- by pak! how much they luv their foot and inside their mouth too bloody often!)
Oh man! What a welcome rally it was and how politicians enjoyed stealing the thunder..and the vulgar amounts of money and prizes being showered on the cricketers.
Why don’t they think?? Are these cricketers short of money at all? Is the system or board lacking it?? Why such nonsensical shower? Esp when none of these people moved a bit to even congratulate other sportsmen (eg. Vishy when he excelled even recently or the hockey team which won Asia cup or shooting or other little known sportsmen) or offer such currency rains..what a pity..
And add to that the news starved TV channels all going gaga and covering the neighbors to maids of all the cricketers..vulgar excesses all these..
Now, I wonder- if these cricketers took all this with great smile and happiness, will they treat the abuses, complaints, cries and little bit of painting when they fail miserably..If they think the answer is NO, they better behave and behove.
Did u see all those sms about 1962,1971 and 2007 or about men in blue and sensorable comparisons? ROTFL..

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