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Monday, September 10, 2007

Parted wisdom…

Oh a tooth is missing, I mean in the title! Just parted with my wisdom tooth and so like most of u will have an interesting dental story to narrate..which I lacked till now..
For all those who were jealous of my wisdom, be informed am one less..have parted with my wisdom…tooth that level playing field, eh??
It all started when I accompanied my pain er pain with pain che..wife with a tooth pain for one of her routine dental visits and here, I am one tooth less and that too- wisdom. One sure shot way of my association with wisdom..sigh..sigh..
Just bcos it was a young lady doc, I strutted out an O (open mouth)and said proudly, I have never went to a dentist and am fine..she sneaked in and one look- told me, there is a slight decay, there is a wisdom..yeah wisdom and me closely associated yet again, for one last time! And that too its growing in some vague angle (defying all gravity and other sciences) and they make u believe it..she gave me the same gas they are taught in 8th semester- u can either do it now or later when the pain increases inordinately and then it shall be an emergency..’its ur choice’ and that smile that is taught much earlier,in 8th standard? U buy it immly and so the next thing u do is fix up an appointment with surgeon..
For once 2 days went off in pain and my wify was so happy I hardly spoke for 2 u know who connived on the level playing field now??

And as the pain subsides we are off to Madurai to visit some interesting projects of Dhan, a great off to MDU: Dear sir, as Iam suffering from tooth pain and travel please grant me leave for 3 days;-)

Update: BTW did you note the update on full video for the prev post here