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Monday, September 17, 2007

cricket and other funny things..

cricket these days is hotting up, bcos of activities outside the ground that is! first it was ICL under Kapil and now the BCCI tries to emulate ICL and brings its own version of T20..ha they know to conduct themselves and be professional? why attempt these stuff? They already make a mess of things in the present affairs.but thats their right to give us all full sit back and for T20 itself, with the world cup now on, its hardly being watched much for its popularity..add to that such comical ending as that of the Ind-pak match! India won 3-0!! yes, a cricket scoreline that is very much!
The other news catcher in cricket was Dravid's resignation. IMHO that was pending from the world cup debacle itself. Then the spineless way he led Ind in the 3rd test in England and all these days of lacklustre captaincy with out an ounce of imagination or innovation..that bland captaincy needed an end soon and prolly was forced on him behind the scenes..good for him, good for us..very rarely such win-win situations evolved in Indian cricket!

Now to something more funnier! Pak politix!! come on, dont fall off laughing just at the thought..please read:-) man absolute mavericks..theres no end to fun there, what with mushy boy, old man shariff and loud mouth Benazir..they really compete heavily for the top post, of comedy that is..and now with one or the other reason stopping mushy and sharif (oh! how he wud have felt on the quickest round trip from saudi to pak ever)are introducing their wives in to the arena! a la what if its an orthodox muslim nation, sharia in effect and all that? so no end to fun there..and when they all get bored they cross the border and freak out at kashmir and we will still be watching..anyway lets all have fun watching these never say die comedians..what all they spin..

next is, sethu bridge (ramar bridge), ASIs stupid MK like arguments, cong backtracking, bjp lost in this whole scene and MKs various retards that beg for brain transplant, jairam ramesh's dig at ambika, ambikas trick on manmohan..oh! that bridge is really lonnnng..but one thing, there r 2 families who in TN who will laugh all the way to the bank in this episode! (clue: both have 2 wives, officially that is)

and BTW what ever happened to the comments? give me some oxygen gents n ladies!

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