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Monday, January 21, 2008

Incredible win!

Yeah, The Indian cricket teams win at perth was it comes against the best team in the world at their backyard, in what is considered the fastest pitch in the world..added to these it is the Aussie’s favorite hunting ground..they haven’t lost here for more than a decade here..
First impressive step was choosing to bat on winning the toss..that spake of spine- a lost organ with most Indian captains esp Dravid..choosing to bat 1st at perth is a very bold statement to make and that in itself will put the oppsn on back foot..and from there on no looking back..we dominated most sessions.. Sehwag that way is an advantage..the 1 out of 4 times that clicks with the bat he really puts the oppsn on the defensive..he also gives an additional hand to bowl and adds edge to field tactics..
It’s a great win and actually if we had not (as is our wont mostly) dragged defeat on to ourselves at MCG, inspite of the Sydney man of the match ‘Bucknor the blind ’, the scoreline for the series shud have been 1-1 and Adelaide wud have been a series decider and so hopefully a cliff hanger.
The Oz actually smelt that, an insurgent India, coming, that’s why created opportunities for silly pranks and made mountains of molehills and picked on Bhajji who is the easiest pick for suck pranks..It was good that Ind put that Sydney fiasco behind and went out and put up an incredible show..full marks to Kumble..

While on the topic, removal of the big 3 from the ODI is creating flutters and as usual Cal is burning all effigies..lets play for the future..gangs & co do not deserve to be in the shorter version as its difficult for any captain to hide them in the field..they wud have an occasional field day with the bat, but mostly they will be a liability on the field..if they don’t move away on their own, they have to be shunted..its cool! Let the younger, fitter ones be given a chance..



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