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Thursday, February 23, 2006

wanna help..think!

to lighten up..a real story..
My sis had moved to a new place and applied for a fone thru Dot and got it. The number happened to be one used (prolly years back) by a doctor. So lots of calls started coming asking for the doc. While I was there I suggested we find out that doc’s new number and give when people call. After all its anxious distressed people calling!
The next day I happened to receive a call asking for that doc and I promptly gave the new number we happened to fish out. Yeah, I was smiling on having accomplished a cool favor! Pat came a call in few minutes..hey! I remember this voice, I was thinking..and the caller happens to be the one who had called for the doc a few mins back..and here he was coolly asking me – “sir! That number u gave me keeps on ringing! Any idea on the doctors schedule..”
Phew...and u think I cud have was astonished and bowled to even open my mouth for quite some time;-)


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