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Monday, June 02, 2008

Oil price

Remember the oil price per barrel in single digits? Can u guess? run ur memory wild and try guessing when(if ever) crude price per barrel was <10$.
If you thought it shud be decades or ages back, NO!
I remember for sure 9 years back it was in single digits in 1999! inspite of a big war in 1990 (Iraq- Kuwait). But I do remember it surging high in (since) Y2K.This year it has all along been in 3 digits!
A natural resource (ok, available only in few places) that’s being pumped at a frenetic pace still is being priced so high is condemnable. Who eats the max cake there, any idea?
Lets not get in to that, but lets look at why this keeps going up!
Its bcos of you and me..all us who do not care and keep striving that much more and accommodate the gas price along with our essentials. We still do not look at public transport or pooling as an option. We all still see this ‘owning 2 cars’ or more as a statement, owning a gas guzzler as a fad! We all just don’t bother if its still justified to take a car go with AC on full steam bcos we think its affordable. We keep telling ourselves that we have ‘graduated’ to the upper middle class or the neo rich and so we can and shud afford all this. Else its so demeaning and think the neighbourhood is looking down on us.
So we slowly, inadvertently pushed this oil issue in to very personal and silly issue. We coolly pushed it in to a question of affordability than availability.
So there are so many of us out there forgetting about the oil being a natural resource and that it can deplete soon and threw reasoning out of our SUV’s window long back. We keep pumping up the demand and those who keep sucking it out of the earth is getting richer and richer and still doesn’t care if the price has to be in reasonable limits.
But one solace- bio diesel or not- we are reaching there soon. We shall fall in to low or nil supply area soon and we shall all then gaze at stars and think, shud we have done this? Or pooled then?? Or that??
Start getting your excuses right, from now on!

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