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Monday, August 18, 2008

Masanobu Fukuoka RIP

The most popular farmer- philosopher and the father of organic/ natural farming passed away last Saturday. He was 95 years old when he died at his now-famous Ehime Prefecture at Iyo.
Thats a very sad death for the farmers around the world, but lets cherish his findings and advises and hope the world walks in to a better era. If only his way of ' no human intervention' in farming were to be followed world over, it wud be a far better place to live.
His 'One Straw revolution' has influenced thousands around the globe (including yours truly) and his natural farming methods are a folklore for all farmers, where ever they are. He was active till very recently, when he visited India a few years back, has won many awards including from Govt of India!
I always use to wonder how some one in some corner comes out with a grand idea and it spreads all over the world. His is one such amazing achievement, right up there. To start in some small farm in a south japan island and to be celebrated world wide is really mindboggling.
Thanks Fukuoka san! for all that you have contributed to the whole farming world!! RIP!! !

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