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Sunday, August 24, 2008

pinch pinch..

You guys shud know this!
The famous Ananthu of Navadarshanam by sheer luck or coincidence or destiny or what ever tripped and stepped in to this Blog. really! pinch..pinch..see his comment here!
Iam elated and feel honored too!
Though I did reply there at the comments space, I donot want any of you to miss the fact that ananthu was here;-)
He is a man I wanted to visit (in that list of my must meet interesting people, you are all aware).
For the uninitiated, Ananthu is a stalwart known so well and highly regarded in the alternate India/ world. He is an amazing character who founded Navadarshanam and ,as I hear so often, a wonderful individual.
IIT output, USA project, illusion on life/style, inquiry, gandhian life style, go organic, respect ecology, life simply, blah blah... we all know that path right? heard that many times recently..there are many that travel this path, but Ananthu also made heavy impacts and has achieved great feats! Pl go visit Navdarashanam - the place itself and the site too and be privileged.
I have been thrilled a few times when some strangers when told my name ask- ananthu of navadarshanam? and I wud be ROFL..but that sheer namesake coincidence brought such cheer today:-)

note 1: Its a pity and a great loss to the 'organic' world that his wife Jyoti passed away this year. That leaves my list of ' must be met people' one less. While Iam grieved at the loss to humanity, its indeed an honor that Ananthu had to comment on this blog in her name! I sure am privileged.
note 2: I shall be visiting (& staying) at Navadarshanam soon. Hence do not want to write more now, let it rather be with 1st hand experience.
note 3: Similar sounding name, early retirement, respecting the environment - the similarity ends there! I know and so please donot think Iam carried away beyond that:-)

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