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Friday, May 08, 2009

Election scene

I don’t see that election heat at all as I said earlier..but I have a list of guys who should not win..
First in my list is Azharuddin! He is the congress (who else will do that just bcos he is a minority, u know!) candidate in UP (Moradabad?). He is a who acted like a politician in sport. He sold the game’s credibility for money. He joined hands with folks like Dawood. He was one man who was the primary reason for the rapid and shameful spread of match fixing in cricket. There were enough proofs and lots of documents!
see here & here
Then comes TR Baalu in my list. He has amassed so much in the last 5 years that he need not ‘earn’ again! He can actually challenge MK family members for the massed wealth!
A Raja! He is a late entrant in to the richest politic! All that I said in the prev para holds good for him. Ok, change that 5 years to 2! One scandal and its mother of all! No body knows how much he swindled..every one is guessing..the guesses range from 60,000 crores to 100,000 crores! Till a couple of years he wudnt have known how many zeroes for a billion and here he is holding them all. As I type this I feel he shud be topping this list, grt grtt..
Any one from Gowda family. They just are not worth it. They also have 1000s of acres & 1000s of crores. They can easily give the MK family run for their money, literally!
Pawar- he is someone who is so insensitive to the agri problems inspite of having the background. He is someone who has blindly given go ahead for GM seeds in india inspite of so much concern, only bcos his concern of some ‘pottis’ have been addressed. Add to that his cricket let him as well go & handle that political hot bed than our country’s governance.
There could be many more, but this is just a top 5.
BTW folks, all u who have voting right & the id , just go and cast ur vote for sure. Atleast go the 49-O route but do vote for sure.

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