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Friday, August 14, 2009

Recession what?, swine flu what??

I had to go (and again waste one full day) at the collector’s office regarding some area problem, some steps to save a huge lake in our area and to get a park. Oh! That’s a long story an that is not the point of the blog..(anon). There was a mention earlier about our system here, remember?
As usual had to wait hours on to meet the collector, then brief him, try & wrest ur way..then see to it that he passes them to right chelas with right comments ( color only)..then follow up to that chela’s table, drill/grill him with ur queries, info and walk out hoping things will go your way (atleast this time.)
Else do this again after a few months like today.
Again, I digress with anger and we all know anger when hungry is doubly harmful..
So lets go to that Hotel Saravana Bhavan at kanchipuram. Yes, kanchi is where the collector sits. Its mid day (ahem, well past noon) on a mid-week day. So u expect to have less crowd and so to be attended to soon. NO! It’s a huge hotel and still there were dozens waiting outside for a seat at this hour. Even the AC hall had some 18 on wait!
Hmm..where is the Swineflu scare?? And recession anybody???
Its all only in your minds and in the English media, I of the world is hogging there or waiting for its turn:-)



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