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Friday, August 07, 2009

Muthodi forest

The photo you saw there was budhi padaga – interior forests of Chamrajnagar, Veerappan’s forte. Its supposedly interior forest with amazing scenery and interesting stay – no electricity being the high point! But since there is a bye-election in C’nagar we couldn’t go here. You need special permission from reserved forest authorities and can only stay in their guest house.
So we chose another interesting place but in Chikmagalur district. Again another dense forest with no electricity and unlimited fun. Here again you have some cottages and dormitory provided by the forest authorities only. Trekking etc are organized by the authorities only. This is the Muthodi forest/ nature camp, Bhadra Tiger reserve! Before you start imagining, please erase any idea of spotting a tiger. I have gone to many places including Sundarbans where we spent 3 nights and saw nothing wilder than Deers & Bengalis. With all your jeep and noisy tourists, if you expect to see a tiger, its height of hopes and nothing else. So all we got to see was a few deers and a bison far away. Ok, lots of elephant trails.
So here again the highlight was the no-tv-no-electricity dark nights, sounds of birds & insects all thru evening & mornings, wood fired food, nice walks & lotsa greenery. Add to that a great company {telecom dealers & distributors of Bangalore- all my close friends and business rivals of last decade (my previous avatar?) } and your day is made.
We couldn’t venture long walks or bath in the spring close by bcos of leeches. Summer shud be a better time though. But a get away like this is rejuvenating any day.
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