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Sunday, December 14, 2008

GM foods!

Heard of Genetically Modified food or genetically engineered food?
Yes or No, you shall have them on your plates too soon.
So as well get to know of that evil.
Companies like Monsanto who were intoxicating our food with pesticides and other chemicals aren’t satisfied with just slow poisoning us. So they thought out and came out with a terrific plan of tampering the genes our food and so screw up the civilization in toto! But isn’t that cutting the golden goose, you may ask. Pl be informed you are talking logic, where as what matters is filling in the coffers at all costs, today and now!
While the US has already many GM crops like the corn, soya, cotton, canola, etc lets be warned not to consume any product that has the above in the ingredients. Once GM crop enters our food chain its going to be very tough to have non GM variety of the same. That is a reality now for cotton in India! Remember BT cotton and its impact? Monsanto and its cohorts here tried and reduced the noise saying cotton is after all a non food crop. Firstly, Cotton projected as not food crop itself is wrong. If you ever bought oil outside, in open market, mostly it had cotton seed oil. Also,cotton seeds are one of the main input for cattles. Secondly who certifies that these non food items donot affect the food crops? What happens to the soil? What happens to the next/inter crops? What happens to the neighbouring crops?
But that’s a digression now. These agri demons now are entering our plate directly. They are ready to sow BT Brinjal in the immediate future. If we don’t oppose like hell and if we don’t get our way, then all we free democratic citizens will actually have no right or say in what enters our food cycle. Its not that only the genetically engineered BT Brinjal is waiting at our door steps, there’s more to come- cabbage, tomato, groundnut, castor and even Rice!
Do you get the enormity of the problem we are facing?
Now, what?
Go here, here and here..
Send a message to the Health minister from here
And spread the word to all and sundry so that who ever can with their contacts and concern shall take it further and may be you would not only have saved your own plate but our country’s.

Its very much irreversible and there to stay for years to come and damage the ecosystem irreparably. Any argument that any new technology shall have two sides, some people oppose all new things etc doesnot hold water here. Agri technologies are not like other technologies! They impact humans and hosts of other living beings in a major way and for years to come.
So move it. Do something. Atleast spread this to as many – not only to create awareness, just in case that some one with some strength to pull strings in the top echelons does so after understanding the enormity of this issue.
Lets hope to stop the BT brinjals immediately and all the other GE food that are looming large over us- the biggggg market for the world!

Note1: When I asked many of the activists why is it that they are addressing most of their petitions and pleas to the health minister and not the agri minister, they all said its bcos Dr.Anbumani is the only hope there in the ministry to raise the voice against such strong moneyed lobby!

Note2: It has worked to an extent that Anbumani has infact raised his voice against GM foods here!

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