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Thursday, May 06, 2010

how low can they go?

oh man!
we all knew what transpired when the grand old man -who could hardly walk- was wheeled around post UPA-II when the ministries were to be decided.
Most of smelt rat but couldnt substantiate..and funnily most media portrayed it as a family feud..
But hold on..Now there are taps of conversations between one Ms.Radia, A.Raja and Kanimozhi! so there were other people who were busy 'forming' the ministry other than the PM! oh! we have a clean, honest decent prime minister, dont we?
I know only lalu can come closer to MK & fly politrix, but for a man like MMsingh to keep silence or support on the sly, hmm...
isnt the nadir of our politrix?
firstly the PM has been supporting and hiding 'the mother of all scams minister' and showing no cognizance. Now with the leak of their tapes, its the right feather in the cap er shit..
I cant imagine any politician going any lower..
see this for a recent proof..
and here for lotsa old stories on how A.Raja has been freaking out.