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Monday, May 17, 2010

Stampede death!

Did u guess where? In a railway station! Yes, delhi railway station..
What a sad thing right?
That’s when people attempted to rush/board in to a train..prolly the officials goofed by (not) announcing or the trains entry at the last minute or well after the scheduled time, callous approach by the officials, lack of any system there at the rly station..possibly all of it!
But who cares?
For one- we are a bunch of idiots…as a race we don’t know to conduct ourselves in public. If there are 100 seats and we are only 20 of us, still we all rush like mad at the 1st we just don’t have any scruples and so don’t care if we are pushing kids or invalids or old people aside in the process..we wudnt mind walking all over any body- to reach our GOAL! What an honorable march aint?
Don’t get me wrong..just look around whenever u r in any crowded place..oops, bus stand and rly station- we can litter just about anywhere..spit, piss, what ever..who cares? Plastic or not- just about anything. Next time u r in a train- the elite upper class that too and count the no. of people who use the toilet when the train is parked. No point- if u say or if its written big, bold there on the toilet door. People ignore. They just do it! All this is the elite, educated mass!
Haven’t u seen how people rush, sneak, push, rush in the immigration counters in the airport? All those ‘foreign educated’, ‘nris’ ‘green cards’ and all that? how they throw stuff?
Haven’t we seen people spit on road side (oh! With that special agrggrgh noise) in Swiss and Newzealand (and get caught?)..
There is no end..
So where can sanity suddenly surface just there in a railway platform..when the announcement, train and just about everything arrived wrong or late?
People rushed..walked err ran all over..smashed a few people to death..

OH! Death and so that made news! So, many of us, including me are talking about it!
Correction? What?? Correction, eh? Shut up..wait till next problem, scandal and keep scratching ur scrotum and walk past..

But did u notice the highlight?
Our brilliant bureaucracy came up with a typical response. None other than the travelers are allowed in to stations in Delhi! Ban on Platform tickets! How laughable? Since the shoe size is a bit small they cut the feet..great aint?

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