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Monday, May 10, 2010

crazy coincidence..

I had to suddenly leave for blore 2 nights back and since the decision itself was thrusted on me late that evening, I had to rush to Koyembedu bus stand and take a bus. It was the last bus that night and I got in happy thinking I will reach Blore early next day to attend to my tasks..
oops, a minor accident, big show down between drivers, police etc and i had to jump in and offer 'kattai panchayat" and after some 3 hours our bus left..But that story will come to you later, in a couple of days.

Now to this funny crazy coincidence.

From that bus, I suddenly hopped off at chule circle (instead of the predetermined Hudson circle)..Now that I was popular after that mid nights 'show down(katta panchayat) people jumped to help me..driver immly stopped to ease me out..after all that i suddenly felt why did i suddenly jump out here..ok, it was really late and any amount of time save was good..still!

There was this guy who travelled in the same bus who had got down at the same stop as planned. He asks me where i needed to go and I said "dairy circle". i said so bcos i normally dont say the place where my BIL lives bcos most dont recognise that place. This fellow immly says 'even Iam going that side, where there?' and I said "its near that, taverekere" and he jumps 'what? me too'..i cudnt believe, i said its taverekere main road..and he says 'me too'..
then I say "near that banyan tree.." and he says 'hey, thats too much, i live 4 buildings away from that tree'..
so what? me, as always trigger happy to avoid going solo in auto (if not for time, i wud have bussed generally) jumps at his suggestion of going in the same auto..

now, we need to go thru the regular small talk aint? so where r u working? so where from madras? bla bla..
"oh, u work here at blore? so u went to visit ur parents is it"
and suddenly he says ' hmm..actually my thatha is in madras but my parents are actually in ..'
'in Neyveli'

hmm, how crazy can it go? taverekere to neyveli? then it comes out that he studied in the same school as me..
I tell him " hey dont tell me u r my brother like in some S.V;Sekar drama;-)"
it turns out he was in my school but some 15 years later..
His father worked in the same public sector as my father..

that was like went on and there were so many crazy similarities like he is called by the same(nick) name at home!
The way it all got unfolded was simply crazy and unbelievable..

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