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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kushboo, DMK & tamil cohorts.

So nice..another stalwart, Kushboo that is, joins DMK..
So the party that was by and for actors in yester years and now whole & soul of MK family, has a new addition..
That too against whom their cadres and those of the extra-tamil-fever parties agitated and also moved courts!
A very nice way of getting back at them,this is by Kushboo. Imagine now that if she is offered a seat (be it MLA or MP or what ever rot) and the alliance party guys will have to support her too.
So The great Tamil warrior and lower cast saviour Theruma will have to forget that he sent goons to burn her house, The great anti-god man and perma-ruling head-boot licker Beermani whose men pelted stones n chappals, all will go out and ask for votes for this actor. Lets see then who is a better actor;-0
But shameless these bunches are, aint they?

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