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Monday, January 23, 2006

Swiss courtesy??

Was watching Hingis’ game at Aus open..she won the match and just one half pump of the fist and a graceful walk to the umpire..and there she sees the opponent approach and so courteously shows her up to the umpire with that typical swissish polite half bow..hmm..
Compare her reaction after a hard fought (atleast the last point in this case - 4 match points!! And a tie breaker) and that of our cricketers even for a tail ender’s wicket..
Talking of cricket, after our sooper stars failed us today (esp tendul and yuvi) pathan and Dhoni really showed lots of promise, cool and what not!! While tendul & co were in, pak’s tails were up..and Shoaib chukther was really pounding, crowd and fielders egging and in comes Dhoni and in a matter of few overs Paks take the back seat..See what confidence and cool approach can bring..This guy Dhoni reminds me of viv not that Dhoni is his class but the nonchalance and arrogance attached to some of the shots and esp under pressure, hey it’s a pleasure..

Update: By the time I wrote this, the next match in aus open was Fedex’!! He is in a diff league..what I find amazing is when he thinks the opp is doing good he gifts easy points, doesnt sweat much on the losing points and squares up with enormous energy for his winning roddick said fedex is there in one level and the rest fight below- winning some and losing some..btw even he, for all his exuberance, does not show much emotions on court!


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