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Friday, February 17, 2006

Cinema for (NRI) dummies..

If u were one like me brought up in a small town with 2 Rupees or 2.90 as the highest ticket in cinemas, u need to read this by rote and then only attempt going to movies back home here..
No! u don’t walk or cycle across to the theatre (ok..if u were in the west by now u wud have been admonished innumerable times that u DON’T get to see movies in a theatre!)..

U decide to see a movie, then just get the number and dial! Now the experience of having called callcentres comes to ur help now..u patiently wait;-) Then the person who takes ur call wishes u, brushes u and enquires ur choice..u ask about availability of tickets for the movie of ur choice and its delivered at your home! And the cost is decided by when and what time u wanna make it.

The theatre is not like what it used to be even 5 years back. Forget the mayajaals and recent breeds, even sathyam complex (chennai) has been redesigned and has some dozen theatres in the same place! The architect should have been good at solving cubes/puzzles..The theatres have hep names like studio5, six degrees etc.. The ambience is great..these new ones are cute and small, with excellent audio and only few looks like ‘thangam’ (madurai) and kalai arangam (trichy) days are much like the cinemas of the west- in ambience, food courts, audio-more milder & crisp, few in number but comfy seats..

Ok now to more imp points – for rote..

a)Enquire well before booking. Don’t insist on a particular day/show. Then u will land up shaking hands with the hero/heroin. Yeah u will land up on row 1!

b)Plan well in advance, esp.if u are like me who wants to see from ‘Hamam advt’, for the parking will be far off and will take long time.

c)Before u take ur seat make it a point to go in with a big popcorn pack. It looks like it’s a ritual to start munching popcorn (preferably with noise that can beat the side speakers) as soon as the movie starts. Else u shall be looked down up on by all and sundry like I was:-(

d)Easy! The toilets are immaculate, eateries spick and span, water available!

e)Learn the art of ordering for food later to your seat esp 30 mins after the intermission. That seems to be the in thing. So many had opted for it that these guys with the food kept crisscrossing.

f)If u go alone, just don’t look around! U feel u are the only lonely guy in the world of couples..better watch the movie – rather that’s what u were in for;-)

g)Keep ur cell phone off or atleast in silent mode. Not that every one does so, atleast one irritating ring/sms tone lesser.

h)Go one week (or more)later to the movies, so that u are the only first timer. So no late comer is gonna ask u if the song/fight was over or the story line till then!

But believe me its an experience!
Now are you tempted to ask me which movie I saw? I bet it, u are!
NO!! am not going to say the name or write a review..
1.The whole blogging community-1 has written review for this movie.
2.I am the only one who stands out by not reviewing this movie.
3.Now do u believe me when I said I am different and one-in-a-million blogger;-)


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