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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sanskrit, Davos and Herbal beer!

hey! If u were fooled by the title that all those 3 are inter related, my objective is attained;-)
just thought I shud give a crazy title (ok..i can hear u mumble what with the other regular ones..still) and so this one..about 3 diff issues..

It has been a busy week for me,amidst various domestic schedules, I have been hunting for a sanskrit teacher to teach me personally (so that it can be flexible and at times continuous long hours)..hmm..its tuff to find one..i have a big list of various (mostly service oriented) orgns that conduct sanskrit class but they are all at odd times or once/twice a week or starting next am on hunt still..

Davos - have visited that cute village in swiss many times and IMHO the youth hostel there is one of the best..and with this year's WEF, iam told its so "India everywhere" doubly happy..i read a lot that India has really arrived at the International scene..India has been actively marketed and accepted too, I hear!
and since its at davos, my fav serene alps dorf, am even more happier:-))

Herbal beer - :-))))))u guessed it..thats a real big grin! though last, an even happier news..this one I happened to know thru varnam (one of my reg/fav blog) here! a beer, bio at that, with aloe vera(where dont they have this magic herb?),same alcohol strength but punch is - its supposedly healthy and medicinal hang over it seems ..and invented by an Indian!! u know my comment here..dont u;-)

so thats it for now..ta..


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