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Friday, February 10, 2006

my 0.02$ worth..

This Inzy issue is being blown out of proportion..just see it like this..
If Raina or any Indian had not appealed and this “out issue” would not have been many reams of paper would not have been wasted, so you would think!!
But it would have been the other way..all these moral and spirit of the game polices like Moin, Mohinder et al would be talking a different tongue- “ hey…there is a rule..why don’t you use it”..”I told you, this Indian team is useless..they stopped thinking long back..” and this guy Chappel is preparing a very defensive team, I told you, blah blah..dadadadadada…
So either way reams of paper and GBs of space (!) would have been wasted..
So its best for the team (the one involved or chided) to put this behind..I am sure u got it..I mean put this ‘ream of paper’ for the posterior cleaning use and proceed with your game..least of all give only such an importance to the great ‘lipspecialists’ and ‘moral n spirit polices’..
Hey..even Azhar has voiced out…I feel like asking “great much did u ‘take’ to voice this comment?
so u know where cricket commentating is heading? Azhar voicing of whats wrong or right? Moin talking of spirit of the game and to be sportive...a jobless's retreat!


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