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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I wud have been happy if I had seen Gangs and sehwag opening in the 2nd innings (what ever they were to chase) and especially with instructions to go hammer and team has scored beyond 400s in the 4th why not try the inevitable with some nerve? Die fighting, atleast it wud have left many of us really happy that atleast our chaps tried differently, for once. Mind u, if we had scored this same 250+ in 2 sessions (assuming sehwag and gangs clicked it wud have been even more..hmm ) and then some 300+ from 3 sessions on the last day..u wud have scared the paks, even if u lost in the process, hey that wud have been glorius..but we are after all ‘mental’ guys..who get scared and imagine mentally and lose out to just needs to see the ball for which Tendul got out to understand what I said in the last sentence. Paks steam roll us in 1.5 session for close to 200 runs (and who? Some bachu Iqbal and now-in-now-out-of team-Razzaq) and here we go there and display sheer spineless character. Iam sure Anjum chopra, mithali et al wud have achieved better than this – on same pitch, same bowling, same target..shame..shame..(shame on me too..with all such frequent frustrations, I still follow this game)

update: There is a nice funny post by gaurav sabnis here


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