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Monday, February 13, 2006

(L)hazy wandering..

Honestly I have nothing to write here today..personally am on a high after that terrific innings of Dhoni maharaj..but donot want to have an over dose of cricket here. (seriously, I am not bored of the overdose of cricket Iam having now..what with 3 VB series final sandwiched between 3 Indo pak one days, phew..what better to ask for..and mind u,Iam not scrambling on the net - cricinfos,cricbuzz,cricwhatever -but watching all live..ha..haa... believe me retirement is fun..

So let me try letting my brain wander a bit and scribble things here..(ok- within a small time frame). yeah, I know there is no need to necessarily fill up junk here..but why not..just why not if it can push some of u regulars here to atleast pen down (oh wrong verb,eh?) some reprimands..ok, even if some complain it as a ploy to increase the comments..

Actually nothing much apart from cricket happening! or is it only me who feels that!

On politix, esp in TN, Jaya seems to be on a roll..MK & co inspite of all that biiig conglomerate are jittery..they sure are looking like they are on a sticky wicket..They are expecting some parties from this union to break away (btw who is this “they” Iam mentioning?). At the centre, its funny that leftists are making a big noise that they are not happy with UPA/cong and shamefully twitching their hands while off the camera..its clear they are preparing for the coming election in kerala and WB and so are putting up an they have started to fool the media and preparation in full swing!

Elsewhere there are so many protests against ‘freedom of speech’ in Denmark being organized that the actual freedom of speech has been killed in many places..hey! even in a sleepy small remote coastal town like Bhatkal in Karnataka some 20000 get together to protest against this Danish publication..all this for some cartoons that were published in september’05!! I find it crazy and am sure most of the protestors across the globe are as ‘informed’ as me in this issue..

Iran, Bush, Cheney are all freaking out...less said better u r spared:-)

I remember seeing some 2568 articles saying India will rule economically in 2015 (2050 in some cases) and 2654 articles that China wud rule in 2015/ u know how much of it I wud have gone thru..

To give fair representation lemme try some other sport..oh yeah! The winter Olympics is on and Indian medl hope ( I swear that’s how our media has been portraying) is placed 25th in some event called luge, if my memory serves u know what happens if I foray in to commenting on other sports;-)

Ooppss..this is already long..some day I shall write a good funny one, I promise..but for now this is what u get..


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