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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Did it!!! (but am I happy?)

U guys know of my cargo fiasco and that I had vowed, I shall not spare them..I know, many of you would have coolly brushed it off as empty gas..but I was not to leave it at that..
As promised I pursued, pushed, pressured, threatened (ok sometimes begged, but why should I say that in public) and finally turned some stones..
Finally I made them cough up USD3000! But am I happy? NO..
No, don’t get me not being greedy..just that wanted them to feel a pinch..I did contact one of my close friends, a lawyer with good practice(ya a rarity!). He said – try and pinch what u can, don’t expect our system to help u overcome ur agony or understand ur pains..You cant expect our court or system to pitch in and understand ur woes and get u better compensation..infact u wud get an insensitive “they are saying they will compensate na? get it..” for what ever little is the compensation push only with words and get as much..
So I had lost the hopes of a legal redressal long back..but was resolved not to take it lying back easily..after all I had the time and many mails, phone calls, tacit pressures/ threats later I got something.. I know I should be happy..No I wanted the pinch to be more so that they really lost some face and some (figure)heads turned around to take care this wud not happen again..but I have my doubts..
Still, something is better than nothing..
so the early birds* who read this and happen to live in Chennai and reach me in time can claim a treat at a place of your in town only till the weekend btw.
* - pl note that I said early birds and there is a star there!


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