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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One good and one bad event in recent politrix..

The good thing is BJP has endorsed the govt’s stand on Iran vote. Iam maha pleased with that..for long my wish has been that, the BJP shud support this govt on important issues(esp those strategic and other issues that can affect our country in the long run).This not only sends a clear message to outside world but a good and right one to the nasty left..

The other one is pretty bad..The idea of taking census of the muslims in our Army!
Ridiculous and dangerous to the core! Why wud/shud one mess around with a completely professional and truly secular outfit like our Army? This minority vote bank politricks has pushed us down enough..and these jokers seem to have no limit..what all innovative ideas these crooks keep coming up with…hmm..they will not really rest until India is fully gone to dogs,eh?

Update: Dont be surprised at such low numbers at the new counter on the right side of this just trying a new(o) counter..ofcourse a free one:-)


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