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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Republic Day!

Reminded of muttais(those sticky toffees) distributed in schools and the flag we used to pin on to our shirts the happy leave u get;-)
so I traveled down my memory lanes too, today..and so may have something coming up soon..
Each time I see/hear/read of some independence struggle story esp thru some one involved in it directly or thru their descendants, i have been moved and touched immensely. This time I route you to another Bloggers'page where there is a good post on Cellular jail, Andamans. have u been there? I have been there, a must see place. One should not miss the light and sound show they have. Its such a moving experience that ur thoughts wud revolve arnd our freedom struggle for some days..

meanwhile played cricket(hey..the real one, with leather ball, even hurt my typing finger) after a looong time in Chennai maanagar..some 25kms away near selayur/tambaram, but a beauty of a ground! Grass top turf with even ground at a school premises (shankara vidyalaya!)..enjoyed the game..more so the ground..A start up s/w firm of my friends Vs Hutch and we won!!(nothing more to say here..yeah, dont try pulling stats, i fared bad overall except in fielding)
anyway it was fun..'appy R'day again..ciao..


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