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Monday, February 20, 2006

me a disciple..

One of those old moral story goes like this: There was this great saint who went off on a pilgrimage with his disciples, needless to say they all had a big reverence for the guru. As they went past one of the forests there was this river they had to cross. Suddenly they spot a beautiful young lady who had to cross this river too, but did not know to swim and was sitting there on the banks, maha worried. The disciples all behave like they did not notice her and proceed. So the guru who could not ignore her struggling ,offers to carry her on his shoulder to the other side and promptly does so, thus helping her reach the other bank. Then he proceeds on his mission followed by his disciples who are baffled. So confused and confounded were they, that they hardly pronounced a word. None had the courage to question the guru. Suddenly one of the disciples mustered strength and posed a question to the guru – “ Guruji. We are all confused and affected by your act of carrying a lady on your shoulders. After all we are sanyasis and that was a beautiful damsel at that..” For this the guruji said with a smile – “ my dear! I dropped her on the banks long back and you people seem to be carrying her still”..
So looks like I am like one of the disciples..I still cant stop thinking of it..
Prolly one of the best bollywood movies made..hmmm..


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