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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Steel noise

This Mittal noise is so high here in India..I cant understand..
I do find the racist comments from EU hurting. All these 'globalising giants' are only preachers for other countries but never the ones to open their economy/gates! But let that digression stay..I have other questions..what has Mittal done to India? What's his investment here? close to nothing..there has been some gas statements on and off, but never delivered. Don’t we remember that even for his daughter’s marriage he chose Versailles palace and not any exotic locale in India! Now every one (yeah our MSM) is talking of Indian Govt needing to pitch in. But why, I pray? He for one knows how to maneuver govts across the globe and am sure he is capable of handling his shit himself. Why shud GOI pitch,in his troubled waters? When we have hardly done anything diplomatically possible for many deserved cases! If ONGC or some other public sector (lets even ignore the other innumerable private ones that we can think of) were stuck in some deal, wud GOI even react, forget bailing out..
I hope this noise dies a normal death - swiftly.


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