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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Follow up..more on THE deal!

A hasty follow up to my earlier post..not that I have done enormous research nor do I intend doing so, just my immediate reactions:
This nuke deal is as murky as it always was or as any deal with US will be..
Last time too when our south block spoke of some deal with the US, it looked more like a win-win for US and nothing for us..may be now too..
On this nuke deal thingy, have our people (I mean those who matter) understood it at all? I don’t blame if the US drafts something that is win-win for them..hey! after all they are safeguarding (yeah, pun intended) their own interest!
Talking of safeguard, if I understand, it's something like this 'Iraq play' right? The US or their binamy in the name of UN or IAEA or what ever will decide to “inspect”..and decide/deliver what their master wants! Hmm..may be US will not dare to play that game if they know for sure some one has WMD..saw how they reacted to north korea’s awaaz..

Even if our officials claim we have offered only some 50% (and this varies up to 65%)of our nuc reactors, just see one plain fact! The big 5 “accepted nuke powers” have in all close to 1000 reactors and out of that – hold ur breath – only 11 are under IAEA scanner!
Any logic there?

But all this is subject to Bush’s bosses accepting..see it like this: You and I accept and agree to go on a long drive to a beach resort, play golf and ofcourse chill out after the game..its a done deal and we fix up the date..BUT my wife can pitch in and veto this..she can come in and say “ok u guys proceed” or “ stands cancelled” do u like that? So if she says ok, we proceed else no..either way u have no that’s where the deal is..the US congress has to ratify this all our reams of analyses and rhetorics and understanding/misunderstandings all go to drain if the cong rejects much for the great deal!

Finally, our media was crowing that Pak might not be given such a deal! Man I could not stop laughing for full 5 minutes after seeing this. To my simple brains, this just means – as always pak has no bearing, no rule or no binding..they are free as ever and so while we have an unclear binding, a commitment…pak stands totally commitment..ok we all know that’s a country that wud give a damn to any signed deal itself, still!


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