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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Doctor T.J. Cherian! RIP

A great man who has operated on so many people and
saved so many lives passes away!
It’s a pity that a man of such high credence had to
decide to finish his own life! Oh yeah! He would have
charged some of his patients but it’s a well known
fact that he has performed so many operations for
free. It seems he used to pay on behalf of some poor
patients in certain hospitals which would not do away
with the fees and many a times when some people who
could not afford asked for the rates has jokingly commented
“you cannot afford my charges”. His service is
unparalleled in the medical industry today.(yeah, I
consciously say industry taking in to the account how
this noble profession has turned off late!)

Its surprising from what I hear from the industry circles,
it seems he has been dejected with his own performance
in the recent past since he has maintained an
impeccable record all through his life. Apparently
when he was in the ICU a few days back he had
dejectedly questioned his competence and quizzed at
his continuance of service to humanity. A man of such
stature who could not stand his own deviations from
the high standards he set for himself had decided to
end his life on his own.But I wish he had not chosen
this route.
What a pity that a life so much useful to the society
and had saved so many lives was dejected and so ended
on reasons of professionalism.
So ladies & men! May be this profession is after all
still a noble one! At least in some hands like this!!
Hats off and good bye Doc. Cherian! RIP


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