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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sacrifice? for what??

I saw the clips of the Nepal agitations and protest marches on TV. Its really many people (young, very young and old) being hit by the police. Ok accepted that it’s the job of police to control, regulate, monitor etal..Till I saw the clipping I always felt if the police (or army) are stopping the protestors with canes/lathis its their duty and intent too. I did not care to sympathise with the protestors bcos all along I felt it was the Maoists. Any one leaning left, I hate to the boot and here these Maoists are cutting in to our country too and have a free run up to AP! So I need not tell u how much I hated them and how much I wanted them to be curbed and cramped.
So what moved me on the video clips?
For once I saw that it was not only Maoists but many more. And I saw people marching inspite of the police force hammering them..people bleeding..hurt badly but still being a part of the protest. Man! What can push one to so selflessly be a part of such violent protests? What involvement and connection one shud have to go get hit like that! After all many lost their lifes too. What conviction they shud have been made of to give their lives for a goal. And knowing that he/she will not be there to even see that ambition fulfilled! Have u ever been moved to nuts by any issue to revolt like that? i mean not to have participated but to have been affected at the first place!
Now…Are u also associating such a feeling to our freedom struggle? No!! Don’t get me wrong. Iam not in any way comparing or equating our freedom struggle to this Nepal happening. I used to always wonder what could motivate a person(s) to involve in a struggle like that in the manner they did, just not caring for their own lives. They will not be able to witness the intended goal of their involvement. Phew..what a sacrifice..unmatched..just think of the marches with flags and getting hit and dying (like kodi kaatha kumaran in TN) or shouting “Inquilab Zindabad” and getting hammered or voicing “Vande mataram” and getting thumped or simply being a part of some peaceful protest march and getting beaten..and all for what? For the next generation or for u and me - most of who never saw an alien ruling (ok..till atleast last elections) or the struggle itself..
And come to think of it how we are screwing the freedom so attained! Hmm..


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