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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


oh yeah..thats banglore's orig name..waiting for vattals to change to that soon;-)
so am here again escaping madras's heat..or so i thought y'day when it was cool and pleasant after 3 days of heavy its back to - normal, can I say..still ok..
the average age of blore is reducing by the the sight(for the eyes) is cooler these days..(or did I miss out in those busy days?)

hey..I did travel by the Volvo bus from JP
all u olteners: better than ur 3. The AC works and so straight away a point scored..more below:
1/ local songs played inside.ok so what if its kannada, still something is better than nothing
2/there is a conductor. so a human interface - to buy tickets, to tell me when my stop comes inspite of the mike announcement and to answer any querries about the bus. (when I asked him how they manouver on the 2 meters speedbreakers ofblore,he said the driver can increase the height and ase me to please go there and ask the driver to show..he was all proud)
3/ less crowd than in 3!!

sooo cool, eh?


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