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Friday, June 30, 2006

Dont cry Argentina!

Oh! my bet goes for a toss now..I was sure Arg wud win or atleast make it to the finals..
They are gone, but they derserved to..they played bad..pretty bad that they made Germany look like a great doubts about Klinsy's plans or their energy and good tackle on the Argentines..still they lack that class to be a gr8 team that they have been lacking for 2 world cups now..
add to that Cruz and cambiaso who come in as replacement..that means add two more grasses to the ground..what guys to bring on as subs..and with Messi sitting inside..just for this they deserve losing..
South American teams thrive on good passes and gr8 playmakers..and here Arg did not have a good playmaker..saw Ayala's face when he took the penalty shoot? Lehman cud hav gone for a coffee. he cud have been sure Ayala wud not have scored in an empty goal post..
having so many negatives they deserve going home and start practise for next WC..and if the columnists write "there was too little to separate between the two teams, bla..bla.." then its an insult, mind u. And Arg have themselves to blame:-(
so no body to stop Brazil now, eh?

as for lighter side - I liked the incident where Ghana's coach was sent off the field..bcos he asked the referee to sport a Brazil jersey;-)


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