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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adieu Michel!

Ciao Michel..RIP!!
It’s a very sad day for me as I come to know of the sad demise of my close friend – Michel Giamberini..A superb human being and a complete one!
A very pleasant chap to move with and be friends with. For me he was more than a colleague with whom I spent 5 years together and so had many happy memories and great moments.. a man who was always a gr8 company to have..a man who inculcated the importance of walking and fitness to me..he was the man who will come up with the addresses of new Indian restaurants in vague corners and ‘gallies’ of Zurich for us to venture out so often..a guy who had a special corner for Indian(es)s..a man of many talents..he used to play didgeridoo (an australlian instrument- existence of which I never knew till he showed me!) among other things.. a sweet guy who always b(r)ought us all colleagues variety of desserts and cakes almost all noons.
We both joined the same day – same firm, same team under the same boss..the similarity didn’t end there..there were lots to come in the next days..and we gelled from day 1..
He was a “heart man” going by his heart in most cases..but had clear logics and his special reasonings..
We discussed everything from football to islamic terrorism to bush bashing to economics to society to service..
Man – he was far out! Just few mins after that 9/11 WTO dash, I find him casually browsing prev day’s 20 mins (a swiss german tabloid)..when I informed him of the laden venture -infact asking him if he was aware (the whole office was abuzz about 911 and here he was sitting like nothing happened and so I thought I shud rather inform him). He casually said “yeah, I know” and when I said- man some 2000 died, he adds “every day thousands die in Africa! As we are talking now or when those planes landed there, may be some 2000 kids died in Africa. Come on Anaanth these are politics..Let the world think of kids dying out of poverty across the globe instead of pumping billions in to unwanted wars and politics” That’s Michel – spot on (m)any issue(s). I hear even after his death he had his way. No church ceremony! His ashes will be spread around a tree he planted in uetliberg (Zurich).
It (his captor) started like this 5 years back: As he was leaving one evening, I told him to come early the next day as we had a meeting – just in case he forgets. He comes to me and says he has a doctor appointment and added tongue in cheek as always – that he shall make it to the meeting if the doc doesnot diagnose cancer..and we all laughed at his miming..only to come to know the next day that it was indeed cancer that had afflicted him..still he was joking..but also proved what a man of resolve he was!
He took only alternative medicines (homeopathy and for a short while ayurvedic)..It did miracles or so we all thought..while allopathy had written him off five years back he showed great improvement to the extent that we all forgot his disease for a couple of years in-between until he suddenly developed some problems recently.
When I spoke to him last week, he said in his usual style. He was far too casual about his imminent death and was asking me not to sound so bad in my voice He said he wished for a painless death and when I objected to him mentioning death again he said – “man! Only if u r afraid it’s a big thing. Iam clear and just hope its easy. Once a person is clear about death and has no fear, its just a next step. Let me see what that is. Only worry is I could not visit u/India as dreamed”. That’s not the only thing he dreamt of..he infact wanted to come here not as a tourist but to work with the poor. He wanted to do more here..
While talking of some other issue he casually remarked “..oh, yeah! I wish I depart next week so that its easy for Maria to take a decision” and he did so..
My dear Michel!
Iam sure where ever you are you will be smiling and be a cause for smiles for more..and will always be a sensible value add.
Wait there Michel, I will join u for sure..if not soon, as soon as I accomplish atleast some of ur dreams..


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